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”When the consultant came round this morning with his assistants and attendants, he said something that I did not understand to the ward doctor.”
Unknown patient, Damascus, 13th century


The team-based person-centered ward round was introduced at the department of Internal Medicine at Kungälv Hospital 2010 after long discussions and different test cycles.

To change a historical institution like the ward round has been a challenge. We have put forward the question why we perform ward rounds, and for whom? What facilitates our motivation to care for the patient? How could the everyday meeting with the patient create sustainable values for the patients but also for us working? Could the power that emerges in the meeting between the patient and us promote our efforts to improve health care?

Development model

The development work with the team-based person-centered ward rounds was performed in a process-oriented development approach with a process group called the Ward Round Developing Group. The group is a matrix group aiming to engage all relevant stakeholders of the ward round. It is not a part of the line organization but the clinic board served as a steering committee. The WRD-Group consists of two assistant nurses, two nurses, one resident physician, one senior physician and one caring developer as the project leader. The group has met every second week since 2010 when the new ward system was introduced, creating a continuous process. Last year a patient was welcomed as a permanent member of the project group.

Without the WRD-Group it would have been impossible to identify our different views and expectations of the ward round. We have learnt to respect and understand the essence of our different health professions. By coming together and collaborating both as professionals and individuals we have also seen a positive impact on how we meet the patient with more respect and understanding.


The Ward Round Developing Group :
  • Christina Demming, Nurse, Caring Developer, Project group leader.
  • Jessica Bah, Assistant Nurse.
  • Björn  Olsson, Patient.
  • Elin Svensson, Recident Physician.
  • Valdemar Erling, Consultant Physician.
  • Emma Vesterlind, Nurse.
  • Anna-Karin Moberg, Nurse.
  • Kristina Ahlfors. Assistant Nurse.


The Line Organization of the Department of Internal Medicine :
  • Ann Törnell, Manager of the Departement of Internal Medicine at Kungälv Hospital.
  • Martin Stenson, Senior Physician, Assistant Manager, Department of Internal Medicine,
  • Birgitta Bernardsson, Nurse Manager at Ward 7, Department of Internal Medicine.
  • Christina Andersson, Nurse Manager at Ward 8, Department of Internal Medicine.


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Photography : Kristin Lidell  ·  Design : Gunnar Dagnaux